Month: August 2013

Maxie’s Park

Sunday is dog day. We take the Malt out for exercise in the big open lawn areas defined by Honolulu Hale, Kalanimoku , The Early Education Center and the Fasi Municipal ¬†Building. The area above the Fasi garage is especially nice for a small dog to run off leash. Few […]

English Can Be Tough

English is a second language for my darling spouse. Over the past (cough) years she has developed a great facility with the language and certainly has mastered the volume control when it comes to keeping me in line. But sometimes the words just won’t come out right. Or the phrases […]

One Guy

Among the many homeless who inhabit the K Streets there is one guy who attracts a lot of attention from neighborhood residents. He looks to be an Asian man, maybe 40 but it’s hard to tell, and his most distinguishing characteristic is a near catatonic positioning at spots around town. […]