Max and the Roadside Attractions

No road trip is complete without stops at the many strange and wonderful attractions along America’s highways. You know what I’m talking about. Attractions like the legendary World’s Largest Ball of Twine,” (Cawker, Kansas) or maybe “Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard,” (Burlington, Vermont) or the not-to-be-missed “World’s Largest Bug Statue” in Providence, Rhode Island not... Continue Reading →

Max and the Motorcars

Since 1950, the Central California coast community of Pebble Beach has hosted its Concours d'Elegance, an automotive event generally considered among the most prestigious of its kind. The Concours is nominally a charitable event it is equally as much a social gathering for the uber-wealthy. Not that any of them use Uber. Tickets start at... Continue Reading →

Max, Mariachis and Salvation

We were driving at night through the sweltering central valley of California. It was like that old Neil Diamond song about Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show. You know the one, about hot August nights and you can hear yourself sweat. Somewhere outside of Buttonwillow I glanced over at the Malt and asked, “Max, do dogs... Continue Reading →

Max Visits Morro Bay

Max raised his doggie eyebrow and asked if I was aware that the word “morro” in the ancient language of the Northern Chumash Native Americans meant “place of dogs.” “Of course,” I replied, “everyone knows that.” I went back to watching Jeopardy. He persisted, “Don’t you think we should take a road trip and investigate... Continue Reading →

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