Maxie’s Park at Christmas

Here are a few photos of the Honolulu City Lights festival, an annual event much beloved by residents. It takes place in a part of Honolulu that we call “Maxie’s Park”.

This is a fascinating neighborhood, rich in history and a lovely place to stroll. Within a few blocks of each other are Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the United States, Kawaihao Church sometimes referred to as Honolulu’s Westminster, the municipal district anchored by Honolulu Hale, the official seat of government of the city and county, and other significant historical and cultural venues including the famous statue of King Kamehameha I who united the islands.

During Honolulu City Lights the area is ablaze with bright bulbs and the flash of cameras, packed with excited children and good cheer and even horse-drawn carriage rides reminiscent of an earlier age. It’s also where you will find our local version of Santa. (Click on images for full size versions.)


We call them “Shaka Santa and Tutu Mele”


We found out the hard way that Max can sneak through the fence. Easy in; hard to get out.


The Pineapple Express

Unfortunately, Max is banned from attending the festival at night because he would use the cover of darkness to scarf up every food item dropped on the ground. He’s really bad that way and we’ve never been able to break him of the habit of turf grazing. He understands the appropriate command and responds reliably when at home but when outdoors he grabs the goodies and gobbles believing it is easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. As a consequence Max is allowed to visit only during daylight hours when we can keep an eye out for contraband.


This Elf bobs up and down. Creeps me out. I don’t want Elves jumping out at me.

We didn’t get any souvenirs of the event (which ends today) but here’s the official website should you like a nice ornament or something.


Official City & County of Honolulu Christmas Tree.


Pikachu Tree. This year’s theme for the Parade of Trees was “anime”.


It’s hard to see but this turtle carries a variety of local delicacies on his shell including laulau, poi and other goodies.

So while we went to see the lights, Max held down the condo carpet. He’ll be happy to say sayonara to Honolulu City Lights and reclaim the area as his semi-private preserve.

All comments are welcome, so speak! Speak! Good dog.

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