Max’s Flower Power

During the pandemic, the neighborhood kids were encouraged to craft little “message rocks” that they would then hide on other peoples’ property so that the homeowner would get a pleasant little surprise to brighten their day.

I suppose that was a better use of time than letting the little monsters children spend 12 hours a day playing Call of Duty, Deathwatch or Grand Theft Auto, (all of which are completely harmless entertainment and have absolutely no effect on the kids mental health, don’cha know.)

Anyway, one morning I discovered that we were the lucky recipients of a message rock. I was touched.

Found at the base of a magnolia tree.

In fact, I was so touched that I added my own message rock so that interested parties might know how to brighten my day in a more tangible way.

Always good to clarify.

But that has nothing to do with today’s post, of course.

Actually, Max just dropped by to say “hi” because he’s been missing in action, helping me to prep the garden areas for Spring and Summer.

Max’s “pee corner.”

Finally, the weather has stabilized and we are enjoying warm and sunny days so the pressure is on to get the vegetable plants in the cages, set up the irrigation systems, pot some pretty color spots and clean everything in sight.

The Dianthus liked their new home.
Hanging baskets doing well, too.

Max is a good supervisor but pretty much useless when it comes to manual labor. I could have used some assistance when I foolishly decided to separate a particularly prickly cactus that had overgrown its pot. Despite extra caution and protection, I ended up spending 45 minutes tweezing micro-spines out of my hands and arms. Max thought that was hilarious.

The evil cactus after re-potting. I got 6 “pups.”

Max insisted, as only a Maltese can, that I share some quick pics of the progress that has been made under his stern guidance.

Daffys are always cheerful.

In regard to edible plants, this year we are again focusing on Asian vegetables, especially eggplant, turnip (kabu), sweet peppers and cucumbers. This time around we decided to forgo daikon radishes, shishito peppers and Japanese chives (nira).

Must have some petunias.

We expect that tomatoes will again be a big part of our harvest. It will be hard to beat last year’s super crop. This year, along with our usual selections, we chose a new indeterminate beefsteak variety. If it doesn’t produce well for us, at least it will provide variety to the diet of the hornworms and other bugs.

Max and the AJF supervising hard.

So that’s the quick update. We’ll be back to more regular posting once I catch up on my assigned chores. That’s assuming I don’t run away from home to join the circus. Wait, this place is already a circus. Never mind.

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  1. It is so good to see you back here again. One does worry when Max blocks you from the computer… I am so sure the little tykes were pleased to see your contribution to their message rocks. Don’t you figure they told Mom and Dad that that grouchy guy really rocks! Yes, indeed…
    Your garden is looking great. Just when I tamed the wild in my backyard, it has rained for the past two weeks and now I need to machete my way back there again. Regarding Max’s little pee corner….he still has room to, uh, conduct business? His eyes in that last photo tell me otherwise.

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    • When it comes to pee spots, Max is not a big fan of hardscapes. Luckily he has a whole yard of nice grass to use as he pleases. I actually thought the whole rocks idea was sort of cute for the little kidsbut of course I could not resist being a smart aleck. I think we are over the hump on preparatory gardening and can now sit back, at least a little, and enjoy the view. Until the bugs come…😲

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  2. Max looks like a pretty stern overseer…..just get those pots exactly where he wants them!
    We have a pair of welding gloves for messing about with cactus..first bought them in France for picking fruit which might harbour wasps and they have now adapted to their new environment.
    Those message rocks are very tempting….you could rouse a neighbourhood to fever pitch with those.. Not that you would, of course…but Max might be tempted…

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    • I had all kinds of evil ideas running through my mind regarding messages that could be left on rocks. The neighbor with the squirrel feeder was at the forefront of my mind. We have yet to reach a quiet peace on that topic. I used to have a great pair of welding gloves but somehow lost them. They are definitely the right tool for the job.


  3. Everything looks wonderful and very West Coast. I’m sorry the cactus got you. As a person who ordered a pitcher of beer in a restaurant tonight for the first time this year, I appreciate your love beer pebbles. May the color of your surroundings bring you joy.

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    • First beer! Yay! Now you are fully inoculated against the ‘Rona. I have yet to quaff a beer that did not originate in the beer fridge in the garage. One of these days and soon…


  4. Well done Max, you have done a great job there.
    Possible problems for someone if the kids start quaffing beer because “That man told us to drink it!”
    ‘Eggplant?’ Do you mean ‘aubergine’ perhaps?
    Great job supervising Max, well done.

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  5. EEK on the attacking cacti!!! 😮 😦 I’m so glad it didn’t attack AJF or Max!
    Rock messages…how cool! And your addition made me snort-laugh! 😀 😛 My kids found a heart shaped rock and wrote You Rock on it and gave it to me several years ago! I love it! 🙂
    Lovely flowers! Yay for garden prep! You and Supervisor Max are doing a great job!
    Max’s pee corner is purdier than any corner I’ve ever peed in. 😉
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…”Not my circus, not my monkeys.” – Polish Proverb

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  6. So glad you and Max are back! I was worried you fell (was pushed) off the edge of Earth!

    Your garden getaway looks fantastic already. I imagine nothing would get done if Max and the AJF weren’t there to crack the whip (or leash). I’m jealous of your beautiful plants. Too cold here yet. 😡 Usually around Mother’s Day is safe.

    I agree with Lois, in the last picture of Max his eyes are saying, “Get with the program DogDad. I desperately need to fertilize some patch of grass!”

    Love your addition to the rock pile. Love that some kid left it for you. Sure it isn’t booby-trapped underneath? Lol.

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    • I think you are probably correct that in the absence of the AJF and Max I would not do garden work. I’d probably just concrete the whole yard and wash weekly with a hose. A real big reason for all the effort is to create a pleasant environment for our tiny family to hang out, at least until the scorching days of late summer. Pointless without them.


  7. It is good to know that Max keeps you busy with his garden plans! Nox loves to smell flowers as well. I was sorry to hear about you close encounter with the cactus. I’ve been there and never want to do it again.

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  8. Hi Max, nice to meet you. You need to grab your blog back from the plants, BOL! Hope to see more of you in the future. Oh, and tell your Mom we said to keep away from those prickly cactus…they’re real stick(l)ers! XOX Lucy and Xena

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    • Yeah, Max has been a lazy blogger of late. Covid blahs or something. I need to energize that Pup and get him going again. Glad you are joining the reprobates that hang out at this silly dog blog!

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  9. Tom, your garden’s looking fantastic, Tom and I agree that Max looks like a rather demanding boss.
    The rocks are a great idea, and imagine some visionary kid leaving you a message about love and you respond by wanting beer. Who do you think you are? Homer Simpson?
    Max, you need to have a firm word with Dad and sort him out.
    Best wishes,

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    • It’s never wrong to proclaim one’s affection for beer. As an Australian you know this already – it’s deep in your DNA. Speak ill of the malt and barley beverage around Sydney and it’ll be no more meat pies for you, lady.


  10. the best … I admire your hard work … well, yours and Max’s … the results are so lovely!!! Got such a chuckle out of your beer rock!!! 🤣🤣

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