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  1. Bezos to the guillotine….how dare the bloated plutocrat disappoint Max.
    Whatever can you do to make it up to him?

    Thinking on from that, there has to be a market in making squeaky dog toys of all the public enemies currently available, someone for every taste in order to enjoy your dog tearing off the head of those you loathe.

    I am not known for partng with the bawbees, but buying two squeaky Thatchers on the way home on a Friday was a ritual giving pleasure both to myself and canines who would demolish both in quick order…hear Thatcher squeal!

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  2. WTH! No racing possums for Max! This is outrageous. It’s not even worth the effort to stay on Santa’s “nice” list. Bah Humbug to Amazon for getting the hopes up of puppies around the world only to break their hearts. Bezos is a Bozo!

    Sheeesh! If we can’t count on getting racing, squeaky possums in time for Christmas, what can we count on Tom? Crap, don’t answer that. It will wind up to be a “to be continued” post.

    Murphy and I know you will make it up to Max ten-fold. You’re a good Dog-Dad!

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  3. Or everybody?

    Container ship is the most likely culprit. (Don’t you find it discriminatory that the ships have to wait outside of the Port of LA and do all their paperwork before they can come into the harbor? I sure do.)

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  4. Doggone it! Darn Amazon! Drat! Ack! Cripes! 😮
    PS…Ha! The way life flies by it will be Jan 4th in a few hours. 😉 😀 😛

    Q: What do you call a group of possums?
    A: A possy posse.

    Q: What do you call a possum that goes back for seconds on soup?
    A: A more-soupial.

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