Gift Idea

Just checking in…all is OK.

Well, except for whatever algorithm drives the personalized recommendations that I get from Amazon.

See, the twin 10 year old grand-spawnlettes are having a birthday later this month. So I asked Amazon to suggest some gift ideas.

It was a simple search request: “gift 11 years girl.”

Here is what Amazon thought was an appropriate birthday present.

So I bought two, of course. I mean…twins.

Better than some frilly little dress.

Max says “hi!” and he’ll be back soon with another story. That is, once the girls and I have emptied the decanters.

“You’re not very good at this stuff, DogDad.”

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  1. HA!!! 😮 😛 Well, that IS a most unique, memorable gift for the twins who are turning 10! Happy Early Birthday to them!! 🙂 🙂
    I’m sure they won’t be surprised at all to receive THAT gift from you. And, a YAY to Amazon for being so helpful and so spot on! 😉 😀
    Hi, Max! AW! You are looking as handsome and sweet as you always do! ❤ PATS and RUBS to you from me! And a woof woof and a sniff sniff from Cooper! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…Maybe the twins would prefer the cash cost of that gift instead. ??? Just a thought.
    PPS…I was gonna' say how much this post cracked me up…butt, I'm not gonna' go there here.

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  2. 11 is a good age to start chemistry. Are you sure both twins need a decanter? Maybe one should get the bottle and the other should get a brewing “cough cough”, I mean chemistry set

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  3. Well, heck, Amazon says you save 30% on this globe set. That’s teaching the young ‘uns some good economics. Bet no one else has a cool grandad (down here you would be called ‘pee-paw 🙄) like you. Can’t help butt notice that you and Carolyn cannot put an end to those puns…

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  4. Don’t talk to me abut algorithms.
    Twice in a row farcebook have banned me for ‘violence.’
    ‘Violence,’ me?
    OK, I did suggest to two different people the way to solve the problem they had was simple.
    ‘Just hang them,’ for the first, and the other problem would be solved by the phrase, ‘Just shoot them.’
    For some reason farcebook, based in the USA, considers this daily occurrence there, ‘violent?’
    I’m still banned.

    The decanter looks ideal for a New York penthouse.
    But at $62 it appears a bit much to me.
    Anyway, 11-year-olds do not wish for presents so much as cash, or gift cards so they can obtain what suits them, they fuss a lot at that age, and old people, over 35, do not ever comprehend their minds.
    Just buy the whisky for yourself….

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  5. Apparently Amazon isn’t any more tuned in to what would be an appropriate gift for 11year old tweens than the rest of us. I imagine, though, they’ll be the envy of all their classmates. I do hope the girls wear masks, if for no other reason than to cover up their whiskey breath.

    Max, you look super spiffy! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. Just stay away from that decanter! Murphy sends you scritches and belly rubs.

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    • Your mask comment had me laughing because I, too, have thought that masks might be a convenient way to hide the fact that one has had a dram or two of the good stuff. Not me, mind you. I’m just talking hypotheticals. Can you imagine them taking the liquor decanter to school for “show and tell” day? Ha!

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  6. Look here, just do as Amazon suggests or the next thing you know you’ll be classed as a domestic terrorist.
    Better, open the Amazon catalogue online and let Max choose. I’m sure the twins would be delighted to receive milk bones.

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    • How come the notion of “sharing” doesn’t apply when gifting twins? One liquor decanter should be enough for two little girls. Even given their heritage I doubt they can swallow too much booze at one setting. Oh, by the way (off topic) did you see that the Broncos are for sale? Yup…maybe we should launch a bid since nobody else in that organization seems to know what to do. /snark.

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    • I sense just the smallest element of self-interest in this post and attribute it not to Mr. Toby, that kind and altruistic terrier, but to his scheming DogMom. Besides what every pre-teen really, really wants is a bespoke portrait of their handsome and debonair grandfather. Sadly these twins don’t have one of those kind but I’m available in a pinch.


  7. Max is just so cute! Nox told me to tell him “Hi Handsome!” I think whiskey decanters are not something that underage will appreciate. Maybe when they turn 21? Tom – I have a picture for you on my latest post. Max can see what Miss Nox is doing these days.

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  8. I’ll be popping over shortly to catch up with your adventures now that you are “on the road” and living the RV life bigly. Lok, at the worst the kids could fill the decanter with some fruity drink that has a billion high fructose sugar calories and will doom them to a life of high BMI’s and possible diabeetus. Or, alternatively, just put in some Tennessee sippin’ liker and call it a day. Their choice.


    • You should do a post featuring the Tobester in the style of Botero. That would be hilarious! AS for me, think DaVinci. In fact, I could have subbed for Vitruvian Man if only I could have fit my butt in that circle.


  9. Max, you’re a doll….about the decanters…I DO love them~But,…How will you top it when they turn 13, 16? I’m a twin, btw,…my grandparents never bought a gift like this for us. But 10 year olds today are waaayy ahead of where I was at 10. Is 10 the new 21?

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