Aloha, Gentle Little Dog

The AJF and I are saddened to tell you that Max died on Friday night.

His little heart, weakened by congestive heart failure that began last May, finally gave out at about 10 PM. His passing was very quick and without distress. He died in the AJF’s arms as I stroked his head. It was a gentle goodbye for a very gentle little dog.

I’m not going to write about our thoughts and feelings. We all know the pain of losing a beloved pet and the particular sting when that dog was the “one in a million” that you wanted to live forever.

I’m not going to write a eulogy for Max. This silly dog blog has nearly 300 posts, 175,000 words and close to 8,000 comments almost all of which were about his adventures – both real and imagined from the recliner. From visiting Korean temples in Hawaii to opining about racing possums, the stories on this blog are the story of Max’s life and it was a happy one.

And now the story is ended.

The AJF and I thank you all for sharing our adventures over the years and for the many laughs along the way. You are all good friends.

I say to my Maxie “aloha” in all the many meanings of the word from love and friendship to farewell. Aloha, my loved little dog.

6/2007 – 3/2022

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  1. Tom–I am so very sorry. Little Max–your adventures (and costumes) brought joy to me, and my cats were ever thankful that I didn’t dare try any of that stuff on them. Rest in peace, little guy. You will be missed very much.

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