Here’s How It Begins

I received in the mail today a letter from the Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Commission Office an invitation to the NB installation ceremony scheduled for June 29 at the University of Hawaii Campus Center Ballroom. The invitation included the opportunity to attend an orientation session that same day plus a workshop on the Sunshine... Continue Reading →

Kakaako Apocalypse

One of my guilty pleasures is apocalyptic novels. You know the formula. First there’s a near extinction level event and then the plucky hero fights his way through dire challenges, often involving a trek through a blighted landscape populated with evildoers. In many of these doom books the wily protagonist is blessed with remarkable foresight... Continue Reading →

McD’s – The Heartbeat of the K Streets

For a slice of K Streets demographic, visit the McDonald’s on Keeaumoku Street. Early morning is best. You have your Korean ladies golf groups on the patio, perfectly coiffed hair, enormous visors and trendy attire. A few taxi drivers sit nearby with stunned looks on their faces like cattle waiting for the sledge to fall.... Continue Reading →

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