The Pretty Poodles

Let me take a short pause from K Street adventures to introduce two of Max’s very good friends, Miss Bijoux and Miss Luna.

Max & Poodles

Small dogs, available in a variety of colors and sporting leashes of gender appropriate hues. (r to l) Bijoux, Luna and Max kicking back.

Bijoux is the black miniature poodle. She will be 7 this year, the same as Max. Luna is the golden poodle and she’s about 9 years old. Ooh, an older woman and French, too.

The pretty poodles have been play time and pee-mail pals of the Malt for about three years. He’s always thrilled to see them; even better when the duo is accompanied by their human Mom who is a reliable source of some of the best dog treats in town.

The always impeccably groomed Miss Bijoux is a bona fide starlet. She appeared in the movie “You May Not Kiss the Bride” which was partly filmed in Hawaii.

To check out Bijoux’s performance, you can download part 1 of that movie from YouTube or, hey big spender, rent the whole movie for a couple bucks. (Full disclosure: chick flick, cough.)

You may, however, kiss the poodles.

You may, however, kiss the poodles.

Miss Luna is a rescued poodle whose gentle demeanor and overall cuteness belie a life that was miserable before she was adopted.

Hawaii readers will remember the 2012 case of the Waimanalo puppy mill that ultimately resulted in the evil operator being charged with 153 counts of animal abuse.

Luna was one of the victims but then fortune smiled on her and she became Bijoux’s sister. She is now one happy  and well loved little dog.

You may have noticed that most of Max’s friends are lovely lady pooches.

Yup, he is a pretty smart pup, just look at that grin.

Look at that grin. Put a gold chain around his neck and give him a glass of designer vodka and he'd be ballin down at the club with the ladies.

Looking a little smug, Max. 


11 replies

  1. I’m so glad Luna found love and happiness.

    We have had two bitches from puppy mills in our time, both abandoned when too old to be of use: one of them, old and blind, we found on the bank of the river which ran at the bottom of the garden….dumped on the other bank in the freezing cold.
    Two lovely ladies.

    No wonder Max has that ‘hey, look what I’ve got!’ look…


    • There’s a special spot in Hades for the tormentors of animals and too many folk simply turn the blind eye. Caring for “throwaways” says a lot about a person. A lot of good things. Brava.


  2. Max is so adorable. Muffin, my Malt was a rescue. So happy that she was able to have a great 10 years with us. Parker, the youngest of my cats was also a rescue. Rescues are the best, but I for the life of me, do not understand the people who discard the animals. The French ladies are very ooh la la, indeed.


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