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  1. Hi Jackie! Hope everyone’s well. This was our family craft activity today. Machi drew the face, I carved it and Max tried to destroy it. Division of labor. Happy Halloween to you and all. Aloha!


  2. Of course Max can eat it. I wouldn’t have survived until Christmas anyway. Don’t take it from e, it was Charlie Broqw’s advice to Snoopy. Charlie was wise, he also had a bird, Woodstock.


  3. This is much scarier than a pumpkin. Green walls, wood floors, nice rugs, a crazy white dog and an eerily familiar baseboard. In fact the whole thing is eerily familiar. Did you copy my house or is this just another โ€œgreat mindsโ€ moment?


    • Jack is now outside and we’re taking wagers on whether the neighborhood kids will somehow obliterate him before Halloween. Little do they know I re-directed one of our security cameras to watch Jack, er, Jacques so if they try anything nefarious I’ll release the Maltese and that should terrify them.

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