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  1. Beautiful video, and sure to bring tears to all eyes that view it. Very appropriate on this sad day in our history. Thank you Tom and Max for sharing it with us.

    Indeed, we must never forget.

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    • I had actually forgotten this commercial, shown only once, during Super Bowl XXXVI on February 3, 2002. There was an updated version that appeared on the 10th anniversary of the 911 attacks. Of course, I often forget what I had for breakfast so forgetting isn’t something that’s new to me. Of course we will never forget 911.

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    • The message, of course, is the important part but if you look closely, at the very end of the commercial, all of the Clydesdale team are bowed while in harness. I don’t know a lot about training draft horses but I know enough to recognize that is a spectacular accomplishment.

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    • I can relate. I was shaking my head today realizing someone born on that day is 19 years old. Then seeing some social media that showed many younger people had no personal frame of reference and no sense of what that day meant for older generations.

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      • I’ve made it a point to tell my story of that day whenever anyone mentions it. I lived 200 miles from NYC, my nephew’s wife worked near the Towers (she said she learned that you can run in high heels that day) and we didn’t know for what seemed like forever if she was safe or not. I didn’t realize how badly it effected me till I was driving to Albany one day and I saw a plane heading for the airport. I had to pull over, I was shaking and screaming “don’t!” over and over.

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    • I think some people forget how we were all on edge that day fully expecting another wave of attacks. Even in Honolulu there was speculation that there might be terrorist cells targeting tourism centers.


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