Start Me Up

Let’s play a game!

Just for today, all of you regular silly dog blog readers (yes, all 3 of you!) may dispense with the adulation and fawning that you usually bestow on me and, instead, comment on this post by including lyrics or song titles from the Rolling Stones.

Me in mask

Even the irritable Walmart cashiers smiled at me. Crafty me.

This contest has no prizes because I am simply too cheap. You may grant each other faux internet points if you like. At the end of the game no winners will be announced.

Mask 2

Having to wear a mask is so…depersonalizing.

Come on, other than day drinking what have you got to do all day? Clean house? Hahahaha.

Now, some may say You’re Out of Touch but I’m willing to bet that if you put down those Mother’s Little Helpers, you can come up with something.

Max and mask

Dear Rolling Stones, please don’t sue my DogDad for messing around with your copyrighted image. He is my main source of biscuits. Besides, practically no one on Earth will see this blog.

73 replies

  1. Well, the first reaction to those photographs…excluding the one of Max, of course, has to be ‘Gimmee Shelter’! You see something like that approaching – particularly at twilight – and you just hear ‘Rape! Murder! It’s just a shot away!’
    And in respect of Max, ‘Under my Thumb’….or under the paw?
    But between the two of you there is certainly – ‘Connection’.

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  2. I am late to the party, but I give you a Loving Cup for such a creative post!
    You are a Star Star!
    I’m glad you have Max in your life and not a Monkey Man or a Little Red Rooster!
    Guess what? Later today I’m going to take a Silver Train with Some Girls to buy a Little T and A. (Toilet-paper and Alcohol.)
    I was gonna’ try to fit the titles Rocks Off and Bitch in this comment, but maybe instead I should just Rip This Joint!
    We Love You (((HUGS))) from me and Coop! πŸ™‚

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  3. All the titles I had have been used! Yeah, I can Almost Hear You Sigh Tom. You made up a crazy game with crazy rules. Why is it always All About You Dogdad?!!

    This was actually fun, especially the comments. How’re you gonna top this Tom? OMG! Did I just ask that?

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  4. OK, that’s it. Game over. Hope you enjoyed the silliness . And the winner is…

    BITEY DOG! For having the sense God gave little green apples to simply walk away and ignore the goings on.

    I got the moves like Jagger. 🎼🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢


  5. Hi Max, I am surprised you do not ‘Bitch’ about the treatment you receive.
    I wonder if ‘Sister Morphine’ has been offering mogadon?
    Anyway, I am off on a ‘Midnight ramble’ and no police can ‘Sway’ me from that.
    I suppose removing the masks will give someone ‘Satisfaction…’

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    • I know you’re far away so thanks for the Dead Flowers. anyway. It must have been The Hand of Fate but you managed to squeak in a reply to this post before it was closed. Stay safe and Hold On To Your Hat because it looks to be a bumpy ride for awhile.

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  6. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from this post. Once this quarantine is over, you can cast off the mask and go dancing in the streets (with an androgynous pre-dead David Bowie)…

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  7. Love it but it is easter weekend so surely saying I cant get no satisfaction (pic 1) is a little lame but pic 2 reminds me that we cant always get what we want in these feverish times. Poor you Maxwell Ellie says pack your bags and as soon as a flight is available come to visit as we are already planning a party.

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