Twerkin’ Chicken & Happy Pigs

The Canton Chinese Restaurant has a special sale on crispy chicken. Max and I went to check it out but the flashbacks were too intense. So we went over to the nice Korean restaurant Yakiniku Don Day. The logo is a cute little piggy with the biggest smile. That's seems incongruous since yakiniku means  "grilled meat". Don't... Continue Reading →

Rick Bragg..a true Southern gentle man

For a change of pace I thought I’d re-blog a touching post taken from the “…on pets and prisoners…” blog by loisajay.

....on pets and prisoners.....

How easy if I knew how to link this post; I don’t but no matter. This is so beautiful, I didn’t want you to not be able to read it entirely.

To most, she looked like she didn’t stand a chance. But they looked at her and saw different.

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Old Yeller Calls for Security

“Security!” she shrieked. “Somebody call Security!” Max and I were walking down Kaheka Street next to the old Pagoda Terrace, a building in transition from budget hotel to budget condo development. The street was largely empty on this early Sunday morning and quiet save for the hum emanating from the Pagoda’s ancient window air conditioners... Continue Reading →

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