Max Visits Valhalla on Halloween

The dogs of the Viking Age were both working animals and beloved companions. That's quite unlike your common or garden variety Maltese who has never done a lick of work in his life. We know Viking dogs were considered devoted friends because they were frequently buried along side their masters. Ancient runestones show Viking warriors entering Valhalla and being greeted... Continue Reading →

Hummingbirds and Pineapples

Hawaii has more endangered species per square mile than any other place on the planet and that does not include the Alpha Japanese Female (AJF) referring to me as the "odd duck." But some common critters are missing in the islands. We have no robins, magpies or chickadees. No seagulls and no pelicans. We don’t have raccoons or... Continue Reading →

The Cheapskate Springs for Lunch

The Alpha Japanese Female’s (AJF) birthday is in early September. We have a long standing tradition that we celebrate her jour de naissance by going out for a fancy dinner. She selects the venue for her celebration. Sky’s the limit in terms of price; the wallet is laid bare, supremely vulnerable and allowed to scream... Continue Reading →

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