Lipstick stains have long been prima facie evidence of a wayward partner. Cliché. Some of you Ancient Ones will recall that in 1959, Connie Francis made bank singing her something […]

Max Spends a Day in Denver

Max’s recent road trip included a few days in Colorado, one of our favorite states. Although we had not specifically planned to visit Denver on this trip, we found ourselves in nearby Boulder CO and thought it would be fun to make a day trip to the “Mile High City.” […]

Git Along L’il Doggie

Max is heading out on a road trip! Starting tomorrow and for the next two weeks or so, he will be traveling into Cowboy Country on a journey that will cover a couple thousand miles. He’s got his cowboy hat, his six-shooter, spurs, some chewin’ tabaccky and a bad attitude […]

Happy 4th

This is Jet. He is our son’s dog. That makes him Max’s cousin but Max considers Jet as his nemesis. Anyway, Jet stopped by to wish you all a Happy Independence Dog Day.